What To Expect From Your Home Inspection

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What to Expect From Your Home Inspection

Going through a home inspection you will feel every emotion. There’s excitement – you’re one step closer to closing this deal! After that, anxiety. What if the inspector finds something wrong? Will you have to back out of the house? Then, impatience. Is this process over yet? Not yet, but you’re so close! A home inspection is your most important step of the home buying process, and here is why.

What Is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an assessment of a home’s physical structure and mechanical systems. The goal of a home inspection is to uncover any issues with the home itself and give you a better idea of the maintenance the property will need.  While it’s not legally required, you do not want to rely on a seller to provide you with information about the home. Even if he/she is honest, a thorough home inspection can save you thousands in unexpected repairs.

When Does The Home Inspection Happen?

 The home inspection happens after the seller has accepted your offer, but before buying the house. You’ll want to schedule a home inspection as soon as your under contract to provide enough time for additional inspections and for possible negotiations with the seller.

A Home Inspector Is Your Protector

Hiring an inspector is you doing your due diligence. During the inspection, an inspector has three tasks:

  1. Identify issues with the house that they can see
  2. Suggest fixes
  3. Prepare a written report with photos noting observed defects

The report is critical as it’s what you will use to request repairs from the seller. At Coastal Property Inspections, we always suggest blocking out a time to go over the report so you are confident about which problems should be addressed, and what can be fixed at a later date. Ultimately, the decision is up to you as no fixes are mandatory, but it might uncover issues that prompt further investigations/negotiations. The home inspectors’ goal is for you to gain confidence in the decision to move into your new address, or pass on the purchase.

What Home Inspectors Normally Check

  • Kitchens: Appliances, ventilation and cabinets
  • Bathrooms: Plumbing, electrical and drain operations
  • Interior: Doors, walls, floors, fireplace, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Exterior: Crawlspace, slabs, finishing, siding, gutters, windows and chimneys
  • Foundation: Joists, Vents, Insulation, HVAC, wiring
  • Grounds: Driveway, porches, steps, fences, retaining walls
  • Attic: Trusts, Ventilation, HVAC, wiring, insulation
  • Electrical: Outlets, fixtures, GFCIs, grounding
  • Plumbing: Lines, leaks, flow, drains

What Home Inspector Won’t Check

Home inspectors can only examine problems that can be seen with the naked eye. They won’t tear down walls, or use x-ray vision to find hidden issues. Other items that home inspectors do not inspect include(but not limiting) to the following:

  • Non built-in appliances like washer/dryer and refrigerator
  • Life expectancy of roof covering
  • HVAC refrigerant covers

How To Choose A Home Inspector

Home inspectors who charge a fee for service must be licensed by the state of North Carolina. Consider the following when choosing a home inspector:

  • Education: Has the home inspector gone above and beyond basic requirements? What other license and certifications do they hold that will help you during your home buying process
  • Experience: How many years have they been in business or how many homes have they inspected?
  • Communication: Talk to the inspector before making a decision. How well do they communicate and answer questions? Always look for someone who will take the time to educate clients. 
  • Online reviews and word of mouth: Always check reviews on the inspectors’ page or ask your trusted realtor for a list of vetted inspectors

Not only do we offer home inspections at Coastal Property Inspections, we are also licensed and qualified to inspect septic systems and perform wood destroying insect inspections. With our extensive experience, communication style, and thorough reports, we know you’ll have the confidence necessary in one of the biggest investments of your life!  Call us today.

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