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Base prices for homes up to $400,000 list price.
Homes above $400,000 list price or above 5501 square will require a custom quote.

Discounted Rates for Military, First Responders, Teachers and Healthcare Workers

Home Inspection

Square Footage Price
up to 1500 square feet$400
1501 to 2000 square feet$425
2001 to 2500 square feet$450
2501 to 3000 square feet$475
3001 to 3200 square feet$525
3201 to 3400 square feet$550
3401 to 4000 square feet$575
4001 to 4500 square feet$600
4501 to 5000 square feet$750
5001 to 5500 square feet$800

Additional Inspections

Inspection Price
Septic Inspection$325
Septic Inspection - when combined with Home Inspection$275
Termite WDIR inspection$125

Additional fees

Item Price
Crawlspace fee$75 additional
Additional building fee$125 additional per building
Return-trip fee$150 additional per return trip (re-inspection or incomplete inspection due to blocked access or utilities not turned on)
Decks (inspection includes exterior decking, pilings)$125 additional up to 1,599 square feet
Decks (inspection includes exterior decking, pilings)$200 additional 1,600 square feet or above
Home in overall disrepair fee$150 or higher additional
Thermal Imaging Inspections$ 75.00
Mold and Indoor Air Testing$350.00
Each additional Mold and Indoor Air Testing sample$100.00

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